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Natalie and Brian’s Engagement

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” If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.”

I think one of the best ways for me to capture love is to bring in an element that one of the couples love.  See how Natalie’s love for roses was spread throughout this stunning photo shoot.


The perfect proposal

This proposal had me in tears as I was capturing it. Nick took Samia to the place where they had their first kiss.  Samia thought she was going to have dinner with Nick’s parents, but little did she know what was out the back doors of the restaurant.  Nick led Samia to the staircase of the polo field where he had a row of candles lined up leading to the special spot where he would propose.  He even had a violinist playing ‘All of me loves all of you’ by John Legend, which I think was the perfect touch. It was such a beautiful proposal and it was lovely to see their family there to celebrate with them!

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